• Nordetia Committed to excellence

  • Nordetia Committed to excellence
  • Nordetia Committed to excellence
  • Nordetia Committed to excellence

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Nordetia is committed to excellence.
It is a concept of “Client experience” in the health and beauty sector based on five fundamental axes:
Quality, Innovation, Hospitality, Modern and Training.


Customer health

Our top priority is the physical and mental health of our clients. At Nordetia, we do not treat patients but customers and we do our outmost to ensure that our customers are feeling holistically healthy; body and mind, where customers are committed to themselves and their well-being.

International reach

The Nordetia Seal of Excellence transcends borders, and while integrating local customs to our services, there is a unique protocol of attention and quality, towards increasingly demanding customers. The customer experience at a Nordetia center in Rome must be the same to the one in Tokyo.

Qualified Medical Staff

Nordetia’s medical team has the highest standards of training. Nordetia has various training centers and continuous training courses allowing you to have among its staff the best trained, reputable and experienced team.

Technological innovation

Nordetia has the most advanced technical equipment in aesthetic medicine and medical surgery.


Nordetia’s products and services catalogue covers a wide range of advanced treatments in Aesthetic Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Hair Treatment, Vascular and Nutrition.


Nordetia spaces are designed to offer the customer an experience of exquisiteness, from decoration and lighting to smells.

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